FRIAR PHAGE HUNTERS: Jordan Rego ’15 and Keara Jones ’15

I was able to sit down with two fellow phage hunters this week and ask them a few questions.  Keara Margaret Reville Jones and Jordan Anthony Rego are some of the nicest people around. I know this as fact, after sharing a lab bench with them and continuing borrowing their pipettes (they didn’t mind at all). Let’s hear some more about them, from the pair themselves!


Keara was born on August 7th.

Jordan was born on December 1st.


Keara was born in Rochester, NY, but moved to Reston, VA when she was 1.

Jordan’s home is in nearby Fall River, MA


Keara Jones ’15 (L) and Jordan Rego ’15 (R)

Keara graduated from Bishop Dennis O’Connell High School, home to the Knights, with blue and silver school colors.

Jordan graduated from BMC Durfee High School, and still isn’t quite sure what his mascot the “Hilltopper” is, but proudly wore his black and red colors anyway.


Keara lives with her mom, dad, older sister, older brother, and their dog, Merlin.

Jordan’s family includes his mom, dad, older brother and 3 dogs – Molly, Fonzie, and Louie.

Favorite Color

Keara loves yellow!

Jordan likes blue, especially a certain shade, but we weren’t quite sure how to describe it.

Favorite Place in the World

Keara keeps it local with a special tree across from her house, though she preferred when there was a rope swing on it.

Jordan’s favorite place is the Island of St. Michael in the Azores.

If They Didn’t Come to PC…

Keara probably would have gone to the College of William and Mary, or the University of Virginia.

Jordan still would have been in Providence, but at Brown University.

(We’re glad they ended up here though.)

Sports and Hobbies

Keara swims, is an Irish step dancer, plays the flute, and likes to ski.

Jordan played soccer and volleyball in high school, and enjoys painting, drawing playing the violin and piano, and skiing.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Keara plans to be a veterinarian one day.

Jordan wants to be an infectious disease doctor, and continue to do research.

Favorite Disney Movie

Keara likes the Fox and the Hound.

Jordan likes the Toy Story series.

BOTH love the Lion King (and aren’t very familiar with the princesses)!

Most Wanted Superpower

Keara wants the power of telekinesis.

Jordan would be a shape shifter.

That’s all I have to say about phage partners Jordan and Keara, but before we end they both wanted to say that “phage hunters was a great experience and we couldn’t wish for a better group.”  Aren’t they sweet?

Sarah B. Corley’15

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